Preparedness Network of Mississippi

The Five Pillars

The MPP operates by five simple principles. Each principle is equally important and represent as a whole for an individual, family or group their ability to sustain under ANY circumstances.


MPP personnel travel the state speaking to individuals, families, communities like the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, 9-12 Groups, 1st Responders and Emergency Managemnt Personnel helping them organize and uunderstand the approach.

The beauty of the MPP model is its simplicity & design. The Model emphasize the individual, Family and Community & Networked Teams.

Below are examples of the MPP Orientation we utilize when we speak at Workshops & Seminars across the Southeastern United States to help those become more familiar with being prepared and organizing themselves, their family and or their community.

Click here to view - MPP Orientation

Click here to view - How to Setup a MPP Team