Preparedness Network of Mississippi


It is the goal of the Mississippi Preparedness Project, to be personally prepared, and able to respond as a prepared citizen when needed. We strive to encourage and train others to prepare for any situation, whether it be political or disruptions in the infrastructure and civil structure of the communities in which we live and work.

We intend to prepare and train for all foreseeable aspects of personal preparedness including Political, Basic and Emergency Medical, Food and Water Storage, Equipment, Local, State and Nationwide Communications, Personal, Home and Community Defense.

We will continually strive to gain as much additional knowledge as possible to be able to survive any future hardship or disaster, whether natural or man made. Disasters are a very real threat to our families, and we all see their effects on humanity every week, including US citizens supposedly living in the wealthiest country in our world. Hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes, floods, fires, civil unrest.... they all can and will effect our life sooner or later.

The Project is about training and preparing to "weather the storm" with little or no adverse effects to our family's health and safety. Unfortunately and usually, a natural disaster is also followed by a short term breakdown of civil society, which was seen abundantly during and after Hurricane Katrina. Therefore, it is also our belief that we must prepare for the defense of the family and community in the event that our local law enforcement officials are overwhelmed.

Besides attending to our physical and material needs, it is also the goal of Project to educate people of the need and to show the way for people to change their lifestyles in order to achieve the goal of self reliance for our families. Things such as living beyond our means, not understanding where our food comes from and how it's delivered, and the apathetic mentality towards the loss of liberty of the average citizen are some of the issues that we see in our society and which concern us greatly.

Our philosophy is that it is better to have knowledge and not need it.... than to need it and not have it. As we have seen in many natural occurring events it takes time for governmental resources to be mobilized. In the event of an overwhelming event, even those resources such as the Red Cross and FEMA will be strained to the breaking point. Our mission is to make you aware and knowledgeable so you can raise your chances of survival. More so, connect you with others.