Preparedness Network of Mississippi

Who We Are:

We are Americans. We are your neighbor, your doctor, your mechanic. We are your child's teacher, the veteran, the store manager. We are your brothers, your sisters, your uncles or your cousins.

Things have changed over the years.... and not for the better.

This has not happened by chance.... there has been a precise plan to subvert the ideologies that our founding fathers laid out for this nation. There has been a purposeful demonizing of the American who strives to be self-reliant. We here at the Project are honorable law abiding citizens who care deeply about our country and its founding principles.
Because of the depth of our membership, we can carry forward knowledge and understanding not to be used as aggression but to safe guard.
We strive to further the Survival of our Family, Country, Heritage and Values, of which is the American way regardless of crises and whether it be man made or natural. Our membership is diverse and from races, genders & walks of life.
Its all about being an American and believing in the principles our founding fathers whom made ultimate sacrifices to establish their dream and our way of life.
We emphasize the basic fundamentals of what we once knew in sustaining under the most serious conditions and most of all we exist as a network to assure no one person or family stands alone when the crisis happens.
The MPP has developed the largest privately owned Emergency Phone Text Alert System, The reliability of a Emergency Call Alert System or "The Call Tree" which is tested monthly and as if that wasn't enough, the MPP has also established the first amongst preparedness organizations, the MPP Amateur Radio (HAM Radio) Emergency Network or "MAREN" MPP Net.

The MPP Net is tested weekly and can be accessed Nationally by MPP Members & Non Members through Echolink.

Did you also know the MPP Hosts the Preparedness Group on Glenn Becks 9-12, We Surround Them site owned and operated by Jared Law?

Another fact about the MPP is that the Mississippi Emergency Management (MEMA) is utilizing the MPP Model for the individual, family and community based approach to the Five Pillars®.

We are very proud to be a contributor to a states preparedness ability that is considered the benchmark in the nation.

We are low key but there is far more to us than you realize, so join us and find out what we can do to help you and your family!